InterWorx Control Panel a web hosting control panel.

Of all 3 control panels, this probably the worst candidate to move to. Reasons are:

  • System scripts are all encoded PHP scripts. This is absolutely insane.
  • The UI is terrible. There are some pros to DirectAdmin's new vue.js UI but everything just looks dated. Mandatory fields on forms are janky and forms are glitchy.
  • No catch-all mail address feature It's a plugin you need to enable.
  • No system backups? Hidden at nodeworx/settings, under 'SiteWorx Backups'. Can only do daily, weekly, or monthly. No ability to select certain dates or location.
  • No way to recompile Apache/PHP. Everything uses their pre-compiled iworxphp-* packages. Consequently, no way to add/remove PHP extensions.
  • NodeWorx 'update' buttons actually trigger system updates/package installs. Why didn't they do the sensible thing and actually show you what it's doing rather than a spinny greyed out button.
  • Let's Encrypt plugin is disabled by default
  • Firewall settings are primitive. but sufficient
  • No way to limit emails sent per account
  • djbdns only. No bind?
  • PHP versions are per-account settings. Cannot mass-enable 7.2 and 7.3 for all users, for example.

Some nice features that do exist:

  • Import accounts from cPanel (not tested) cPanel imports are broken.
  • PHPMyAdmin/Webmail runs from the iworx control panel web server similar to cPanel and unlike DirectAdmin.
  • Can edit certain service options (SSH, FTP, NFS(though, why??), MySQL )
  • Can manage yum repos (though, again, why?)
  • Can manage remote MySQL servers
  • Users *can* make their own backup schedule and that supports SCP/FTP. Limited to monthly or weekly schedule.

Installation[edit | edit source]


On a clean install of CentOS, run:

# sh <((curl -sL

## or automated
# sh <((curl -sL -l

The script will take care of all dependencies and will prompt for confirmation unless given the -l flag.

After the setup is complete, activate InterWorx via browser at https://:2443/nodeworx or CLI /home/interworx/bin/goiworx.pex.

The install script will install the necessary dependencies, then add the InterWorx repository, before installing interworx interworx-smarty interworx-squirrelmail interworx-roundcube interworx-phpmyadmin interworx-horde packages. No compiling is needed which makes the install process super fast (~10 minutes on a low-end VPS).

Hmmm[edit | edit source]

InterWorx appears to be written in all PHP. Their /home/interworx/bin directory is all IonCube encoded PHP scripts. All their cronjobs just trigger encoded PHP scripts.

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