Weechat is a text-based IRC client that runs on Linux.

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After starting the program, you will be in the core weechat buffer.

From the core buffer, you can add and connect to different IRC servers. Server buffers are merged with the core buffer, but you can switch between these buffers with ctrl+x (or disabled with /set irc.look.server_buffer independent.

To connect to a server, add the server and then connect to it. Optionally, you may tweak certain settings with this server by modifying properties under irc.server.server-name.property-name.

/server add efnet irc.efnet.net
/set irc.server.efnet.nicks "bob,bob2,bob4,bob8"
/connect efnet

Once connected, you may join a channel with /join #channel. You can leave a channel by running /close on the channel buffer and disconnect from a server by running /disconnect on the server buffer.

Use the following key bindings to navigate the different buffers, scroll the nicklist and messages.

Key Description
Alt+Left, F5 Previous buffer
Alt+Right, F6 Next buffer
F1 / F2 Scroll list of buffers
F7 / F8 Switch to next window if screen is split
F9 / F10 Scroll title bar
F11 / F12 Scroll nick list
Tab Tab completion
PageUp / PageDown Scroll text in buffer
Alt+a Jump to buffer with recent activity

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