Pueue is a command line task manager which queues processes for sequential or parallel execution.

Project website: https://github.com/nukesor/pueue

Installation[edit | edit source]

Download the pueue and pueued binaries from their project website on GitHub. Run pueued -d to start the daemon. The first time you run the pueue daemon will also generate the pueue config at ~/.config/pueue/pueue.yml.

Usage[edit | edit source]

The pueue command will print out its usage in good detail, but here's a quick cheat sheet covering only the very basics.

Action Command
Show queue status pueue status
Enqueue a job

The command can be a inline script (in single quotes)

pueue add command
Follow a job's output, defaults to stdout.

use -e for stderr

pueue follow job-id

pueue follow -e job-id

Stop a running job pueue kill job-id
Remove a queued job pueue remove job-id
Show jobs pueue log
Parallelize with 2 jobs pueue parallel 2
Removed finish tasks and clear log pueue clean