Blazemeter is an enterprise load testing service. There is a free performance testing tool called Taurus.

Taurus[edit | edit source]

Taurus is a website performance benchmarking tool. The tool is executed locally and can be used to test both public and private websites. Performance data can be reported to the Blazemeter website to be shared publicly.

To get started, create a test configuration yaml file including all URLs to be used as part of the test.

- concurrency: 10
  ramp-up: 1m
  hold-for: 1m30s
  scenario: simple

    think-time: 0.75

- module: final-stats
- module: console
- module: blazemeter

  check-interval: 1s

Obtain the Taurus binary (bzt), or use the blazemeter/taurus docker image. If using the docker image, pass in the config files and artifact directory.

# docker run --rm -v /volumes/taurus/config:/bzt-configs -v /tmp:/tmp/artifacts blazemeter/taurus test.yml

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