Cross Flashing iHas

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Re: PLDS DH 16AAS For those who want to crossflash, here's a quick "how to":

  1. Back up your current firmware using CK's Flash Utility. Back up your EEPROM using CK's EEPROM Utility. Keep those two safe.
  2. Find a copy of the unscrambled firmware for the iHAS324 A drive (either one in *.exe form from CK's website, or a *.bin dump) and flash that copy to your drive using the Flash Utility. Restart.
  3. After the restart your drive will be recognised as an iHAS324 A but its LED will flash continuously and it won't read any discs. That's normal.
  4. Open the EEPROM Utility and go to the Crossflash tab. Use the Convert Drive function to complete the crossflash. After the EEPROM Utility finished, restart the computer again.
  5. Once you restart you'll notice that the drive will not blink continuously any more and it will of course be identified as an iHAS324 A That's it, you're done! Congratulations, now you've got a proper iHAS324 A drive

NOTE1: You can always revert back to your original drive by flashing the firmware and the EEPROM you've saved at point 1, back into the drive. Just flash both of them and then restart, and you'll have your original drive back!

NOTE2: Once you've crossflashed your drive, if at any point in the future LiteON releases a firmware update, you can use their flasher to update your drive without any problems.

For the record, I've successfully crossflashed my DH-16AAS into an iHAS324 so the procedure works!

One last thing:

-DH-16AAS, DH-20AAS, DH-24AAS & DH-16AASH are basically one and the same drive. The only difference is in the firmware they have on board. They can all be crossflashed into an iHAS324 A (or even into an iHAS524 A but that will not enable the LabelTag feature).

-DH-16AAL, DH-20AAL, DH-24AAL & DH-16AALH are Lightscribe capable drives and can be crossflashed into an iHAS424 A.

You can apply the same procedure for crossflashing any iHASx24 drive into its corresponding iHASx24 drive, say iHAS124@iHAS324 or iHAS324@iHAS524 ...


The utilities mentioned are available at