Quick Usage Guide[edit | edit source]

Copying Files via SSH[edit | edit source]

To copy files from /export/backup to a remote location (on server 'backup'):

$ rsync -avz /export/backup/ -e ssh backup:/export/backup/

## Or with a non-standard SSH port
$ rsync -avz /export/backup/ -e "ssh -p 2222" backup:/export/backup/

Copying files with Progress Information[edit | edit source]

$ rsync -avh --progress /src/ /dst/

Limiting Bandwidth[edit | edit source]

The transfer rate can be limited with the --bwlimit=kbps option. Bytes per second is the default if no unit is given.

## Limit transfer speed to 1MB/s
$ rsync --bwlimit=1024 /source/ /destination/
$ rsync --bwlimit=1m /source/ /destination/

Parallel Copy[edit | edit source]

You may wish to run multiple rsync in parallel to speed up data transfers.

## Transfers /source/directory tot /destination/directory with 5 parallel jobs
$ ls -1 /source/directory/ \

Copying Directories[edit | edit source]

Because I've been bitten by this issue way too many times in the past couple of days, to avoid copying a directory into another directory, always have a trailing slash from the source.

In more depth, suppose I have a src directory and I want its contents to be replicated in dst.

## This copies 'src' into 'dst/src'
$ rsync -avh src dst

## This too copies 'src' into 'dst/src'
$ rsync -avh src dst/

## Works as expected. Contents in src is now in dst
$ rsync -avh src/ dst

## Works as expected as well
$ rsync -avh src/ dst/

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