Pacman is the package manager for arch linux.


Configuration files are stored in /etc/pacman

Updating Databases[edit]

Similar to a yum clean all ; yum update you can update the repository information by running:

pacman -Syy


Search for a package

pacman -Ss packageName


pacman -S packageName groupName

Updating System[edit]

pacman -Syu

Removing a Package[edit]

pacman -R packageName

With dependencies

pacman -Rsc packageName

Searching for whatprovides[edit]

Install the pkgfile utilitiy

pacman -S pkgfile

Update the repo:

pkgfile --update

Then to search:

pkgfile -s lspci

Searching Package Ownership[edit]

When given a path (eg. /usr/bin/startx), you can find which package provided the file by using:

pacman -Qo /usr/bin/startx

This is similar to RPM's rpm -qf /usr/bin/startx.

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