Some notes on the HP DL380 G6 server that I have.

Accessing iLo with old Java[edit | edit source]

In order to use the virtual console, you need to use their old Java applets. I had to use a Windows XP VM running Firefox 52.9.0 ESR with Java 6u45. Alternatively, you can try the instructions at Dell Remote Access Controller#Accessing old iDRAC which uses an old version of Firefox and Java with the security settings disabled.

Booting[edit | edit source]

After the server posts, it takes about a minute for any text to appear. The first thing that loads next is the SATA Option ROM for the CD-ROM. At this point, you can press F9 to enter setup.

Broadcom NetXtreme Ethernet Boot Agent[edit | edit source]

Ctrl-S to enter configuration menu

Integrated Lights-Out[edit | edit source]

You have 2 seconds to press F8 to configure the iLo.

HP Smart Array Controller[edit | edit source]

After initializing, you have 3 seconds to press one of:

  • F8 - run option rom utility
  • ESC - skip configuration and continue

Booting[edit | edit source]

After all that, you have 2-3 seconds to do one of the following before the boot process continues on.

Key Description
F9 BIOS Setup
F10 System maintenance
F11 Default boot override options, (brings up the boot menu)
F12 Network boot