Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-1337M

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This page contains notes on getting Cyanogenmod installed on a Samsung Galaxy S4 (Canadian).



Install Recovery TWRP

Replace the stock recovery image.

Install TWRP by following the instructions at

To upgrade TWRP, download the latest version at Place the .img file on a SD card and then flash it to the recovery partition in TWRP by going to Install -> Images -> Select the .img file.

Loading Cyannogen

  1. Download and install adb
  2. Download the CyanogenMod build package and optional 3rd party packages (such as Goole Apps)
  3. Place the CyanogenMod .zip package, as well as any optional .zip packages, on the root of /sdcard
    • You may do this by copying the files in the running Android system or
    • Boot into recovery mode (Vol UP & Home & Power) and use adb. adb push /sdcard/
  4. Enter Recovery mode if not already
  5. Optional (Recommended): Select the Backup button to create a backup.
  6. Select Wipe and then Factory Reset.
  7. Select Install (if you're running CyanogenMod Recovery this is 'Apply Update').
  8. Navigate to /sdcard and select the CyanogenMod .zip package.
  9. Follow the on-screen notices to install the package.
  10. Optional: Install any additional packages you wish using the same method (if you are installing multiple packages, install CyanogenMod first and then install any subsequent packages on top of it).
  11. Once installation has finished, return to the main menu and select Reboot, then System. The device will now boot into CyanogenMod.

Upgrading to LineageOS

Once TWRP is installed, installing LineageOS requires downloading the desired version of LineageOS and placing it on a SD card. Install the .zip file in TWRP.