Dell BIOS Update

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Troubleshooting[edit | edit source]

BIOS Update fails with 'System Services is disabled'.[edit | edit source]

When running the .BIN file, it errors out with System Services is disabled. This happens when the Lifecycle Controller is disabled.

The Lifecycle Controller can be re-enabled via iDRAC:

$ ssh admin@ipmi-address
admin@ipmi-address's password:
/admin1-> racadm

racadm>>set LifecycleController.LCAttributes.LifecycleControllerState 0

racadm set LifecycleController.LCAttributes.LifecycleControllerState 0
Object value modified successfully

racadm>>set LifecycleController.LCAttributes.LifecycleControllerState 1

racadm set LifecycleController.LCAttributes.LifecycleControllerState 1
Object value modified successfully

Once enabled (you may need to reboot?), re-run the .BIN file and reboot to apply the update.