Key bindings[edit | edit source]

Cmd Action
Ctrl-q Quit application
Ctrl-s Start download. Runs hash first unless already done.
Ctrl-d Stop an active download or remove a stopped download
Ctrl-k Stop and close the files of an active download.
Ctrl-r Initiate hash check of torrent. Starts downloading if file is not available.
Ctrl-o Specify the download directory for a added, but not started torrent.
Left Returns to the previous screen
Right Goes to the next screen
Backspace Adds and starts the specified *.torrent
Return Adds and doesn't start the specified *.torrent
s|d 5|50 KB/s
S|D 5|50 KB/s
x|c 5|50 KB/s
X|C 5|50 KB/s

Troubleshooting[edit | edit source]

rtorrent: symbol lookup error: rtorrent: undefined symbol: _ZN7torrent10ThreadBase8m_globalE[edit | edit source]

This most likely means you have a library incompatibility. If you had installed rtorrent from the rpmforge repo, then make sure that you have these two versions installed:

  1. rtorrent-0.8.9-2
  2. libtorrent-0.12.6-2

If you have libtorrent-0.13.2-1 installed, run:

yum downgrade libtorrent

to revert back to libtorrent-0.12.6-2.

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