The deprecated net-tools package contains all legacy network tools such as ipconfig, route, arp, etc. Since tools from net-tools are now obsolete, it is best practice to move towards using the replacement commands provided by iproute2.

The following table maps common net-tools based commands to the new iproute2 commands. Note that most iproute2 sub commands can be specified with the shortest unambiguous name (ie. a or addr for address). The unambiguous name is marked in bold.

Old net-tools New iproute2 Description
arp -n ip neighbour Show ARP table
netstat -ln ss -ln Show listening ports
netstat -r ip route Shows routing table
netstat -i ip -s link shows network interface counters
netstat -g ip maddr Show interface group memberships
iwconfig iw Wireless config
iptunnel ip tunnel IP Tunnel configuration
nameif ip link Shows interfaces based on MAC address
ifconfig ip address Shows interface addresses
ifconfig $interface [up|down] ip link set dev $interface [up|down] Bring an interface up or down
nameif eth1 xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx ip link set dev eth0 name eth1 Renames eth0 to eth1, where xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx is eth0's MAC address
ifconfig eth0 mtu 1500 ip link set dev eth0 mtu 1500 Sets the MTU for eth0 to 1500
ifconfig $interface $ip [netmask $netmask] ip addr del $ip/$mask dev $interface
ip addr add $ip/$mask dev $interface
Change an interface IP address.

Requires remove/add in iproute2.

ifconfig $interface:X $ip [netmask $netmask] ip addr add $ip/$mask dev $interface Adds a secondary IP to an interface. Old net-tools uses interface:X to denote secondary addresses (eg. eth0:0).
ifconfig $interface ip addr del $ip/$mask dev $interface Removes the IP address on an interface
route add default gw $gateway ip route add default via $gateway Adds a default gateway
route del default gw $gateway ip route del default via $gateway Removes a default gateway
route add -net $net netmask $netmask gw $gateway ip route add $net/$mask via $gateway Adds a static route via a gateway
route del -net $net gw $gateway netmask $netmask dev $device ip route del $net/$mask via $gateway Deletes a static route
route -n ip route Shows routing table

Some other commands: