nZEDb is a usenet indexer written in PHP.

Installation[edit | edit source]

Docker[edit | edit source]

An updated version of the simply-nzedb image is available at Someone also created an updated version with sphinx at

The container image should start and the web installer should be accessible even if nothing is configured.

Steps[edit | edit source]

  1. After installing nZEDb, go to the /install page and proceed with the installation. The installer will create a new /var/www/nZEDb/configuration/config.php file and a /var/www/nZEDb/configuration/install.lock file.
  2. Create a new user manually by adding a new entry to the users table. Use the /var/www/nZEDb/misc/testing/DB/setUserPasswordHash.php script to generate a new password.
  3. Add or enable some usenet groups under the admin panel under /admin after logging in. You might want to start off with one group going back 1 day.
  4. Import predb dumps from This will take a very long time.

To pull articles for indexing, run php /var/www/nZEDb/misc/update/update_binaries.php. The script will iterate over all articles in the enabled usenet groups.

To build releases, run php /var/www/nZEDb/misc/update/nix/multiprocessing/releases.php.