The following maps the deprecated network tools (ifconfig, route, netstat, etc) to the new ip command.

Old New
ifconfig ip addr
ifconfig $interface [up|down] ip link set dev $interface [up|down]
ifconfig $interface $ip netmask $netmask ip addr add $ip/$mask dev $interface
route add default gw $gateway ip route add default via $gateway
route add -net $net netmask $netmask gw $gateway ip route add $net/$mask via $gateway
route -n ip route

Like networking commands on switches and routers, you do not need to type the full command so long as what's entered can be uniquely identified. For example, ip address can be simplified to ip a and ip route can be simplified to ip r.

The ip address add $ip/$mask dev $interface will add additional IP addresses to the device. If it already has an existing IP address, you will need to use ip address del $ip/$mask dev $interface to remove it.

Some other commands: