aria2 is a HTTP/FTP/BitTorrent download utility.

Project Website:

Install[edit | edit source]

To install in Ubuntu

$ sudo apt install aria2

Usage[edit | edit source]

To quickly download something with 4 threads:

$ aria2c -x 4

Chunk sizes can be defined with -k flag.

$ aria2c -x 4 -k 1M

Resume download started by other programs with -c, only if the initial download was not multi-segmented.

$ aria2c -c -s2

Download speed can be throttled:

$ aria2c --max-download-limit=100K

Other common options are:

Flag Description
--check-certificate=false No SSL certificate validation
-c or --continue=true Enable resume

WebUI[edit | edit source]

There is a web UI project for Aria2C using the built in RPC server at

A packaged version inside Docker can be found on my repository at