Steam is a digital distribution system created by Valve for games.

License Files[edit | edit source]

Everything related to your account is stored in %steam_path%/userdata/%userid%/config/localconfig.vdf, including your friends, library information, and licenses.

A license expires when b7 becomes 8f, b9 becomes b1 in the 4th last byte of the string.

b7 10110111
8f 10001111

b1 10110001
b9 10111001

Troubleshooting[edit | edit source]

Installing on Linux[edit | edit source]

It seems like there are conflicting packages on Fedora 26 when enabling RPMFusion which is causing package issues when trying to install steam.

# yum install steam
CPSC Fedora 26 Everything (x86_64, release)                                            89 MB/s |  52 MB     00:00
CPSC Fedora 26 Extras (x86_64, release)                                                47 MB/s | 661 kB     00:00
CPSC Fedora 26 Updates (x86_64, release)                                               82 kB/s | 257  B     00:00
google-chrome                                                                          85 kB/s | 3.9 kB     00:00
RPM Fusion for Fedora 26 - Free - Test Updates                                        334 kB/s |  15 kB     00:00
RPM Fusion for Fedora 26 - Free                                                       2.9 MB/s | 518 kB     00:00
RPM Fusion for Fedora 26 - Nonfree - Test Updates                                     149 kB/s | 6.5 kB     00:00
RPM Fusion for Fedora 26 - Nonfree                                                    1.6 MB/s | 158 kB     00:00
Last metadata expiration check: 0:00:00 ago on Thu Jun 15 17:55:31 2017 MDT.
Error: package steam- requires libdbusmenu-gtk2(x86-32) >= 16.04.0, but none of the providers can be installed
  - libdbusmenu-gtk2-16.04.0-2.fc26.i686 has inferior architecture
  - conflicting requests
(try to add '--allowerasing' to command line to replace conflicting packages)

But, if you download the libdbusmenu packages and then install it with the rpms, it works:

#  yumdownloader libdbusmenu
(1/2): libdbusmenu-16.04.0-2.fc26.i686.rpm                                                     | 136 kB  00:00:00
(2/2): libdbusmenu-12.10.2-11.fc26.x86_64.rpm                                                  |  72 kB  00:00:00

# yum install *rpm steam
Last metadata expiration check: 0:00:00 ago on Thu Jun 15 17:55:59 2017 MDT.
Dependencies resolved.
 Package                        Arch          Version                             Repository                     Size
 libdbusmenu                    x86_64        12.10.2-11.fc26                     @commandline                   72 k
 libdbusmenu                    i686          16.04.0-2.fc26                      @commandline                  136 k
 libdbusmenu-gtk2               i686          16.04.0-2.fc26                      @commandline                   38 k
 steam                          i686                    rpmfusion-nonfree             2.6 M
Installing dependencies:
 alsa-lib                       i686          1.1.3-2.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything        436 k
 alsa-plugins-pulseaudio        i686          1.1.1-2.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         45 k
 at-spi2-atk                    i686          2.22.0-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         86 k
 at-spi2-core                   i686          2.23.90-1.fc26                      cpsc-fedora-everything        165 k
 atk                            i686          2.23.4-1.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        267 k
 audit-libs                     i686          2.7.3-1.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything        109 k
 avahi-libs                     i686          0.6.32-7.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         60 k
 bzip2-libs                     i686          1.0.6-22.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         44 k
 cairo                          i686          1.14.8-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        763 k
 cairo-gobject                  i686          1.14.8-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         29 k
 colord-libs                    i686          1.3.5-1.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything        206 k
 cups-libs                      i686          1:2.2.2-2.fc26                      cpsc-fedora-everything        428 k
 cyrus-sasl-lib                 i686          2.1.26-28.fc26                      cpsc-fedora-everything        163 k
 dbus-libs                      i686          1:1.11.10-2.fc26                    cpsc-fedora-everything        182 k
 elfutils-libelf                i686          0.168-5.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything        207 k
 expat                          i686          2.2.0-2.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         91 k
 flac-libs                      i686          1.3.2-2.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything        215 k
 fontconfig                     i686          2.12.1-4.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        250 k
 freetype                       i686          2.7.1-2.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything        380 k
 gdk-pixbuf2                    i686          2.36.5-1.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        464 k
 gdk-pixbuf2-modules            i686          2.36.5-1.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         99 k
 glib-networking                i686          2.50.0-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        137 k
 glib2                          i686          2.51.4-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        2.4 M
 gmp                            i686          1:6.1.2-3.fc26                      cpsc-fedora-everything        275 k
 gnutls                         i686          3.5.10-1.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        742 k
 graphite2                      i686          1.3.6-2.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything        118 k
 gsm                            i686          1.0.16-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         35 k
 gtk2                           i686          2.24.31-3.fc26                      cpsc-fedora-everything        3.5 M
 gtk3                           i686          3.22.9-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        4.4 M
 harfbuzz                       i686          1.4.4-1.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything        261 k
 jasper-libs                    i686          2.0.12-1.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        164 k
 jbigkit-libs                   i686          2.1-6.fc26                          cpsc-fedora-everything         51 k
 json-glib                      i686          1.2.2-2.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything        138 k
 keyutils-libs                  i686          1.5.9-9.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         44 k
 krb5-libs                      i686          1.15-9.fc26                         cpsc-fedora-everything        791 k
 lcms2                          i686          2.8-3.fc26                          cpsc-fedora-everything        165 k
 libICE                         i686          1.0.9-6.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         70 k
 libSM                          i686          1.2.2-5.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         43 k
 libX11                         i686          1.6.4-6.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything        637 k
 libXScrnSaver                  i686          1.2.2-11.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         27 k
 libXau                         i686          1.0.8-7.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         33 k
 libXcomposite                  i686          0.4.4-9.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         26 k
 libXcursor                     i686          1.1.14-8.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         34 k
 libXdamage                     i686          1.1.4-9.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         24 k
 libXext                        i686          1.3.3-5.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         44 k
 libXfixes                      i686          5.0.3-2.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         22 k
 libXft                         i686          2.3.2-5.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         63 k
 libXi                          i686          1.7.9-2.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         47 k
 libXinerama                    i686          1.1.3-7.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         18 k
 libXrandr                      i686          1.5.1-2.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         31 k
 libXrender                     i686          0.9.10-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         31 k
 libXtst                        i686          1.2.3-2.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         25 k
 libXxf86vm                     i686          1.1.4-4.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         22 k
 libasyncns                     i686          0.8-11.fc26                         cpsc-fedora-everything         30 k
 libatomic                      i686          7.0.1-0.10.fc26                     cpsc-fedora-everything         23 k
 libatomic                      x86_64        7.0.1-0.10.fc26                     cpsc-fedora-everything         23 k
 libblkid                       i686          2.29.1-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        197 k
 libcap                         i686          2.25-5.fc26                         cpsc-fedora-everything         53 k
 libcap-ng                      i686          0.7.8-3.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         29 k
 libcom_err                     i686          1.43.4-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         45 k
 libcurl                        i686          7.53.1-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        288 k
 libdatrie                      i686          0.2.9-4.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         31 k
 libdb                          i686          5.3.28-17.fc26                      cpsc-fedora-everything        801 k
 libdbusmenu-gtk3               i686          16.04.0-2.fc26                      cpsc-fedora26-extras           37 k
 libdrm                         i686          2.4.75-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        166 k
 libepoxy                       i686          1.3.1-4.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything        211 k
 libffi                         i686          3.1-10.fc26                         cpsc-fedora-everything         32 k
 libgcc                         i686          7.0.1-0.10.fc26                     cpsc-fedora-everything         84 k
 libgcrypt                      i686          1.7.6-2.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything        403 k
 libglvnd                       i686          1:0.2.999-11.gitdc16f8c.fc26        cpsc-fedora-everything         83 k
 libglvnd-egl                   i686          1:0.2.999-11.gitdc16f8c.fc26        cpsc-fedora-everything         44 k
 libglvnd-glx                   i686          1:0.2.999-11.gitdc16f8c.fc26        cpsc-fedora-everything        118 k
 libgpg-error                   i686          1.25-2.fc26                         cpsc-fedora-everything        163 k
 libgusb                        i686          0.2.9-2.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         46 k
 libidn2                        i686          0.16-2.fc26                         cpsc-fedora-everything         86 k
 libjpeg-turbo                  i686          1.5.1-0.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything        164 k
 libmodman                      i686          2.0.1-13.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         33 k
 libmount                       i686          2.29.1-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        210 k
 libnghttp2                     i686          1.20.0-1.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         76 k
 libogg                         i686          2:1.3.2-6.fc26                      cpsc-fedora-everything         29 k
 libpciaccess                   i686          0.13.4-4.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         31 k
 libpng                         i686          2:1.6.28-2.fc26                     cpsc-fedora-everything        128 k
 libpng12                       i686          1.2.56-3.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        161 k
 libproxy                       i686          0.4.14-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         72 k
 libpsl                         i686          0.17.0-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         48 k
 libselinux                     i686          2.6-2.fc26                          cpsc-fedora-everything        174 k
 libsepol                       i686          2.6-1.fc26                          cpsc-fedora-everything        308 k
 libsndfile                     i686          1.0.27-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        207 k
 libsoup                        i686          2.57.1-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        400 k
 libssh2                        i686          1.8.0-2.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything        100 k
 libstdc++                      i686          7.0.1-0.10.fc26                     cpsc-fedora-everything        483 k
 libtasn1                       i686          4.10-2.fc26                         cpsc-fedora-everything         75 k
 libthai                        i686          0.1.25-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        198 k
 libtiff                        i686          4.0.7-3.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything        184 k
 libtxc_dxtn                    i686          1:1.0.1-2.gitef072983.fc26          cpsc-fedora26-extras           19 k
 libtxc_dxtn                    x86_64        1:1.0.1-2.gitef072983.fc26          cpsc-fedora26-extras           19 k
 libunistring                   i686          0.9.7-1.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything        416 k
 libusbx                        i686          1.0.21-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         68 k
 libuuid                        i686          2.29.1-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         81 k
 libva-intel-driver             i686          1.8.2-1.fc26                        cpsc-fedora26-extras          620 k
 libva-intel-driver             x86_64        1.8.2-1.fc26                        rpmfusion-free                597 k
 libvdpau                       i686          1.1.1-4.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         35 k
 libverto                       i686          0.2.6-7.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         21 k
 libvorbis                      i686          1:1.3.5-2.fc26                      cpsc-fedora-everything        189 k
 libwayland-client              i686          1.13.0-1.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         35 k
 libwayland-cursor              i686          1.13.0-1.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         23 k
 libwayland-server              i686          1.13.0-1.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         42 k
 libxcb                         i686          1.12-3.fc26                         cpsc-fedora-everything        238 k
 libxkbcommon                   i686          0.7.1-2.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything        116 k
 libxml2                        i686          2.9.4-2.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything        714 k
 libxshmfence                   i686          1.2-4.fc26                          cpsc-fedora-everything         11 k
 llvm-libs                      i686          3.9.0-7.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         13 M
 lz4-libs                       i686          1.7.5-3.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         49 k
 mesa-dri-drivers               i686          17.0.1-1.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         12 M
 mesa-filesystem                i686          17.0.1-1.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         25 k
 mesa-libEGL                    i686          17.0.1-1.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        109 k
 mesa-libGL                     i686          17.0.1-1.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        187 k
 mesa-libgbm                    i686          17.0.1-1.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         45 k
 mesa-libglapi                  i686          17.0.1-1.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         60 k
 mesa-libwayland-egl            i686          17.0.1-1.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything         26 k
 ncurses-libs                   i686          6.0-8.20170212.fc26                 cpsc-fedora-everything        319 k
 nettle                         i686          3.3-2.fc26                          cpsc-fedora-everything        328 k
 nspr                           i686          4.13.1-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        143 k
 nss                            i686          3.29.1-2.1.fc26                     cpsc-fedora-everything        894 k
 nss-softokn                    i686          3.29.1-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        410 k
 nss-util                       i686          3.29.1-2.1.fc26                     cpsc-fedora-everything         85 k
 openldap                       i686          2.4.44-8.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        362 k
 openssl-libs                   i686          1:1.1.0e-1.fc26                     cpsc-fedora-everything        1.2 M
 p11-kit                        i686          0.23.5-1.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        251 k
 pango                          i686          1.40.4-1.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        286 k
 pcre                           i686          8.40-5.fc26                         cpsc-fedora-everything        203 k
 pixman                         i686          0.34.0-3.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        263 k
 pulseaudio-libs                i686          10.0-4.fc26                         cpsc-fedora-everything        654 k
 rest                           i686          0.8.0-2.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         66 k
 sqlite-libs                    i686          3.17.0-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        487 k
 systemd-libs                   i686          233-2.fc26                          cpsc-fedora-everything        490 k
 tcp_wrappers-libs              i686          7.6-85.fc26                         cpsc-fedora-everything         71 k
 xz-libs                        i686          5.2.3-2.fc26                        cpsc-fedora-everything         98 k
 zlib                           i686          1.2.11-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        101 k
Installing weak dependencies:
 dconf                          i686          0.26.0-2.fc26                       cpsc-fedora-everything        101 k

Transaction Summary
Install  144 Packages

Total size: 63 M
Total download size: 63 M
Installed size: 196 M
Is this ok [y/N]:

If I take all the packages that are needed from rpmfusion and place them in my private repository and then disable rpmfusion, steam installs without issue (dnf install steam)