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Demodulation[edit | edit source]

In SDR#, there are some types of demodulation modes which are used for different signals:

Type Description Examples
NFM Narrowband Frequency Modulation Commonly used mode used by walkie talkie radios, weather radio and most VHF/UHF digital signals.
WFM Wideband Frequency Modulation Broadcast FM stations (e.g. radio music stations)
AM Amplitude Modulation Used by broadcast AM stations that are receivable by normal shortwave radios

Used by air band voice frequencies used by aircraft and air traffic control.

Some digital signals also use AM.

LSB/USB Lower Side Band/Upper Sideband Used in the HF band by ham radio users to transmit voice and data efficiently with small bandwidths.
CW Continuous Wave Used for listening to morse code.
DSB Double Side Band Not commonly used in normal operation.
RAW Raw IQ signal Almost never used