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The LCR TC1 is a device that can identify and measure certain electronic components as well as decode IR codes. These units can be picked up for about $15 USD from Ebay or AliExpress.

Use the included 3 pin header or short out all 3 inputs to have the unit self test and calibrate itself.


This unit can detect the following components. Any other components or components that may be outside of these limits will not be detected and will show up as an unknown or damaged part.

Component Detection Limits
Diode < 4.5V
Zener Diode < 4.5V
Zener Diode 0.01V - 30V
Triac Range IGT < 6mA
Capacitance 25pF - 100mF
Resistor 0.01Ω - 50MΩ
Inductance 0.01mH - 20H
Battery 0.1V - 4.5V
N-Channel / P-Channel MOSFET
NPN / PNP transistor