Lynx web browser in action

Lynx is an open source text based web browser. Alternatives to Lynx include links and ELinks.


Create a .lynxrc file with the following:


character_set=UNICODE (UTF-8)



You can use the 6 buttons above your arrow keys to navigate the document. Additional movement keys are listed below.

Movement Key Description
First Page Home, 7, Ctrl+A Move to first page of the document
Last Page End, 1, Ctrl+E Move to last page of the document
Next Half Page ) Scroll down a half page
Next Page PageDown, 3, +, Space, Ctrl+F Scroll down one page
Next Page x 2 Ctrl+N, DeleteKey Scroll down two pages
Previous Half Page ( Scroll up a half page
Previous Page PageUp, 9, -, b, Ctrl+B Scroll up one page
Previous Page x 2 Ctrl+P, InsertKey Scroll up two pages

You can use your arrow keys to navigate to links. Link commands are listed below.

Action Key Description
Next Link DownArrow, 2 Next link right or down
Previous Link UpArrow, 8 Previous link left or up
Down Link > Down to first link on the next line
Up Link < Up to first link on the previous line
Follow Link RightArrow 'Click' on a link

You can navigate to a new page by pressing g and entering a new URL.